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Patient and Kind
I was extremely happy with most of the folks I spoke with during my time at Key West. It took me 3 days of visiting the dealership to make sure I was making the right decision on the vehicle for my needs and my budget. All staff but one understood that this purchase wasn't an easy one to make within my budget. Peter Olsen, Michael Nokes and Robert Klaus really understood why I needed to take my time and research all my options. I appreciated their kindness and patience and didn't feel at all pressured into the sale.
Good dealers
Helpful and honest dealers. Car was well inspected and in advertised good condition. Overall the service was good and the sale was fair. Dean was great!
F350 truck
I saw an ad for a F350 at the lot. The truck was not on the lot due to construction. It took a day to get the truck so I could see it. I made a deal and drove it away that afternoon. Happy with the vehicle. Sales person was new to Key West and lacked knowledge of all the options on the truck.
Over and above
They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.
Honest and Trustworthy Dealership
There were a few hiccups that came along with our purchase of a pre-owned vehicle but I was impressed with how much effort was taken to remedy the situation and make sure we were feeling great about our purchase. The dealership really went above and beyond to get us in a vehicle that was safe and good quality! Jeff was very attentive both on-site and through follow-up calls, addressing concerns, and doing everything in his power to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend working with Jeff who was easy going, enthusiastic, and kept the process very simple. In the end, we are very happy with our new (to us!) vehicle and I'm glad we went through this journey with Key West Ford and Jeff.
Good experience
This was one of the best experiences I have had at a dealership. Thanks to Jag, Nick, and Mike for their help getting me into a great vehicle.
Got my dream car with a very good deal
One of my best experience ever, staff is so kind , also deals are awesome. They helps me a lot to get my dream car within my budget. Big thanks to peter olson.
Honest and a pleasure to wok with.
I bought a used truck which needed a bit of service. Key West Ford did not hesitate to insure the truck lived up to what they promised.
Efficient and Courteous!
I moved to Vancouver from Toronto and was in need of a truck. Pete was able to source one that I was looking for from Alberta and had it delivered quickly and was very communicative in terms of delivery status throughout. He was even kind enough to send me some recommendations for places to go around New West with me being new to the area. Thanks Pete!

Find a 2017 INFINITI Car or SUV in Bellevue Washington

As the premier provider of new and used INFINITI vehicles in Western Washington, INFINITI of Tacoma is thrilled to offer our customers a dynamic selection of 2017 platforms (including the QX50, QX70, and QX80). These top-selling INFINITI models will prove perfect for traveling in Bellevue, Seattle, or Kirkland, accommodating families and adventurers with equal ease.

Find a 2017 INFINITI QX50 in Bellevue Washington

Elegance and performance combine in this INFINITI SUV. The 2017 QX50 - which is available in Base and AWD trims - proves a dynamic option for Western Washington drivers. It delivers a chic first impression, with its sculpted body (187-inches in length, 71-inches in width, and 63-inches in height) tailored for fashion fans. A double-arch grille anchors the front, flanked by striking LED headlamps; while chrome detailing leads the eye to the rear, where a high-mounted spoiler and dual exhaust tips wait. A power-tilting moonroof offers both tinted glass and sleek lines; and available metallic rails further emphasize the sharp arch of the frame.

For Bellevue drivers craving more than mere aesthetics, however, the 2017 QX50 will still thrill. Each trim is equipped with a potent 3.7L V6 - which generates 325 HP and 267 lb.-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic transmission delivers crisp handling, boasting Adaptive Shift Control technology to optimize power-band responses; and an active center clutch bolsters performance, helping to increase traction distribution and improve balance.

The 2017 QX50 yields a superior off-road experience in Bellevue, Seattle, and beyond.

Available Colors for the 2017 INFINITI QX50

1. Malbec Black
2. Midnight Garnet
3. Graphite Shadow
4. Liquid Platinum
5.Black Obsidian
6. Moonlight White
7. Hagane Blue

To Learn More About The 2017 INFINITI QX50 Contact Us Today.

Find a 2017 INFINITI QX70 in Bellevue Washington

Demand more from the backroads - relying on the 2017 QX70 to deliver both premium economy and refined handling with every mile. This INFINITI SUV (which features only one trim but still allows for custom performance via its exclusive package upgrades: Sport, Premium, and Limited) demands no compromise from Western Washington drivers, with its 3.7L V6 producing 17 MPGs in the city and 24 MPGs on the highway. Variable valve lift technology enhances efficiency, optimizing each combustion sequence to ensure ideal fuel distribution; while a dual-exhaust system pairs elongated mufflers with custom-forged manifolds to reduce back-pressure (thereby relieving engine strain and lessening the need for gasoline).

INFINITI then combines this strong economy with smooth handling. The 2017 QX70 is anchored by Dual Flow Path technology - an exclusive suspension support system that utilizes rebound springs and stabilizer bars to counter uneven pavement grades. This (when mated to electronic traction control and an available all-wheel-drive) assures nimble performance on the roughest roads.

Avoid the station pumps (and the Bellevue pot-holes) by traveling in a 2017 QX70.

Available Colors for the 2017 INFINITI QX70

1. Graphite Shadow
2. Malbec Black
3. Liquid Platinum
4. Black Obsidian
5. Midnight Mocha
6. Iridium Blue
7. Hagane Blue
8. Majestic White
To Learn More About The 2017 INFINITI QX70 Contact Us Today.

Find a 2017 INFINITI QX80 in Bellevue Washington

With the release of the 2017 QX80 INFINITI delivered a top tech experience to Western Washington. This platform (available in Base, AWD, and AWD Limited trims) embraces the digital age, with its cabin boasting an eight-inch WVGA color display. This hands-free interface offers access to both Bluetooth and SiriusXM functions, while a suite of complementary features - such as MP3 links and USB connection ports - ensure ample content options. Pair every ride with satellite sound, and take advantage of the standard 13-speaker Bose audio console for crisp bass quality. A Theater Package is also available and brings wireless headphones and dual DVD screens to each adventure.

INFINITI recognizes the need for more than infotainment, however. This is why it’s fused the 2017 QX80 with impressive safety features: including emergency braking, pedestrian detection technology, and backup collision intervention. Each of these systems utilizes real-time scanning tools that monitor the environment, quickly identifying potential concerns (such as sudden lane departures or approaching vehicles). Warnings are sent to corresponding functions - like the all-wheel discs or steering column - and automated actions are initiated.

The 2017 QX80 brings premium tech to Bellevue, Seattle, and beyond.

Available Colors for the 2017 INFINITI QX80

1. Hermosa Blue
2. Black Obsidian
3. Mocha Almond
4. Majestic White

To Learn More About The 2017 INFINITI QX80 Contact Us Today.

Find a 2017 INFINITI Vehicle in Bellevue Washington

Searching for the ultimate travel experience? We recommend INFINITI’s 2017 fleet - which includes the popular QX50, QX70, and QX80. These platforms deliver the best in both performance and capability, and they’ll accommodate every need with ease. Adapt to work, play, and any errand in between.

Looking for a specific 2017 INFINITI? Visit our dealership today to discover Western Washington’s largest selection of preowned models. We’ll introduce you to our many cars and crossovers, as well as provide further specs and financing details; and our team will happily schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience.

To learn more about our available 2017 INFINITI QX50, QX70, or QX80 models browse our online inventory - or contact us today!

Research 2017 INFINITI models at INFINITI of Tacoma. We’ll provide pictures, specs, and pricing for each 2017 QX50, QX70, or QX80 located near Seattle. You can call our Seattle WA location (serving Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, and Auburn WA) to inquire about any 2017 INFINITI vehicle.

We are the premier INFINITI dealer for preowned 2017 INFINITI models, with our showroom servicing Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, and Auburn Washington.

Seattle and Renton drivers will love our fantastic pricing; Bellevue and Kirkland customers will appreciate our courteous service; and Auburn consumers will discover the largest selection of 2017 INFINITI models available, with QX50, QX70, and QX80 models all found at our dealership.

We proudly serve Western Washington (including Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, and Auburn), and we will ensure that every driver finds the perfect 2017 INFINITI vehicle. Visit INFINITI of Tacoma today to start your crossover search.

2017 INFINITI Models Available In Bellevue, Seattle, and Kirkland Washington

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