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Promised great service and delivered.
Shopping a used sporty SUV for my wife met with Robert Klaus who did a great job on intro and test drive. Came back next day and completed the deal with Micheal and Michelle in finance. Peter Olson worked with Robert behind the scenes coordinating the whole adventure. Painless process, friendly low pressure easy to deal with folks. the whole team came out to see my wife off in her new car including all the management team and the owner himself, all stood there in the pouring rain to watch her drive away! Highly recommend Robert and Peter if youre out car shopping. old fashioned personal service gets it done.
My experience at Key West Ford
I will share here my experience with Key West Ford. I have spent more than 7 hours with Mr. Peter olson (salesman), he was incredibly patient with me, showed me more than 12 possibilities of vehicles (in my budget). After we pick some cars he took me to do 5 test drives with the vehicles what really helped me so much on my choice. Today I just pick up my car at Key West Ford just all clean (little issues on the vehicle were fixed just as promissed to me) and with fuel only for me to drive. I would like to thank Mr Peter Olsen and Key West Ford Team. Thank you so much. Dário Zumerle
Great service and price
Jeff spent a long time with us and was very friendly and patient without being pushy. We purchased a used car, and on delivery he noticed a warning light in the dash. The dealership took care of it promptly. After driving for a few weeks we’re very happy with our car. Highly recommended!
Friendly, honest and fast.
Sasha was great to deal with. He was informative, friendly and fun to deal with. He wasnt pushy at all. They were fair about pricing and the whole process was easy and quick. Nicholas who did my fianancing was a pleasure to deal with and I would have to say overall this was the best experience buying a new vehicle I have had.
Outstanding Customer Service & Popcorn
From the second I pulled into the parking lot the experience started... I was greeted as soon as I exit my vehicle and was shown vehicles that I was interested in... Customer Service is key for me and when I didn't received it to my standards at another dealership which was closer to home, I decided to try Key West Ford... I am happy to say that I made a smart decision and needless to say I left with a new vehicle that I'm very happy with... If you are looking for a new vehicle I highly recommend Key West Ford...
Organized and Quick
Second time buying a new truck with the guys at Key West Ford. I'm a busy person and they worked hard while I was unavailable to finalize my truck purchase. Peter Olson worked especially hard for me and I received what I asked for. Thank you!
The salesman was nice
I was so pleased with my experience here. I had my kids with me and it could have been worse. Arash was lovely to deal with. I didn’t feel like the manager really got us.
Great Better then before. Keep the good work up.
It was a great pleasure to have a sales person care about me as a client. The other workers at Keywest Ford were very present to deal with too. In the past the after care service was not good. Keywest has change for the the better. Sales people like Peter Olson are need in the car sales industry. Peter went above and beyond to make my experience to be a great one. I would recommend if you are look for a vehicle to go see Peter at Keywest ford. The team members At Keywest ford were very different to deal with compared to my last few experiences. The new team were great. Keep the good work up.
Excellent customer service!
Highly recommend Peter Olsen for sales. Super helpful and very authentic. Definitely one of my best experiences thus far. Thank You, Peter! Sincerely Joeleen Toback
INFINITI Features Glossary For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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A fast car is a ton of fun; likewise, a truck or SUV that is brawny and can tow and haul a bunch of gear can be immensely useful. But in the end, the safety and security features of any machine are the most valuable inclusions. INFINITI recognizes this, which is why they include speed-sensitive windshield wipers on the 2018 QX60.

This crossover’s wipers are different than traditional ones that require manual input. Instead, you can choose to set them to autonomous operation, taking speed-related tweaks and such out of your hands and enabling you to concentrate on the roads of Tacoma, Seattle, and Bellevue. When used in this capacity, these wipers will actually turn themselves on when rain hits and then will adjust their rate of operation to keep pace with the amount of falling precipitation.

Here’s how these wipers work: An infrared beam on the outside of the windshield is reflected to a sensor. When rain drops, this stream of light is interrupted and the system knows that it is raining. Analog and digital signals convey to the motors inside the wipers just how much precipitation is falling; based upon this and the velocity of the QX60, the operation speed is modified to match.

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After a brief hiatus, we’re back with more INFINITI features to share with you, Tacoma! These cars are jam-packed with next-level, premium inclusions, and that’s certainly the case with the 2019 QX50. The crossover is an inviting place for all passengers—no matter where they’re situated—thanks to tri-zone climate control.

Tri-zone climate control is like dual-zone but it takes things one step further. While the latter is available in most modern automobiles, the former is something that you only see in larger, more luxurious machines such as the 2019 INFINITI QX50. While the passengers seated on either side of the front of the cabin have their own separate climate controls, this crossover offers those situated in the rear the ability to set their own separate temperature, too. You no longer have to rely on those in the fore of the cabin to make this decision for you! It’s all made possible by separately detached vents on the rear of the center console, enabling the third zone of distinct airflow.

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While all of us ultimately try to remain aware of our surroundings as we drive, with each passing year there are increasingly more and more potential distractions. Even those among us with superb defensive driving skills are at risk of a collision and potential catastrophe. While this is certainly a sobering line of thought, fortunately, carmakers like INFINITI are instituting new features to help keep us all safe. One of the preeminent ones is the emergency communication system as seen in the 2019 QX50 and similar models.

Here’s how it works: If you get stranded on the side of the road with a flat or are involved in a serious wreck, the QX50’s emergency communication system has your back. It’s accessed via a button on the driver’s dash and functions effectively as an “SOS.” Pressing it once will connect you with a real, live INFINITI representative (no computers!) who will work with you to get you whatever you require, whether that’s simple roadside assistance, emergency services, and/or the authorities.

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Want a responsive and refined performance automobile? Well, to be frank, you better be investing in something with an excellent steering system. And you know the amazing thing (well, one of ‘em) about the 2017 INFINITI Q60? It doesn’t just have one—it has three!

That’s right… with this 
coupe, you get to choose. The first steering option is a traditional hydraulic rack and pinion system that will be the choice of many drivers. However, if you want to head down the road with a bit more aggression, the electronic rack and pinion system with sport mode may be the flavor you prefer. It’s a bit more nuanced and offers quicker responses for an extra dose of fun.

Of course, we mentioned three total steering modes, didn’t we? Well, the final one—Direct Adaptive Steering—is the most interesting of all. It’s the planet’s first digital steering system, leveraging the car’s onboard computer to interpret driver inputs in milliseconds and offer feedback in a quicker manner than any other system. You can even customize it to your liking in seven different ways!

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Welcome back to our Features Glossary section, INFINITI fans! You hear talk of automatic and manual transmissions all the time but, digging a bit deeper, what does someone mean when they utter the phrase “dual-clutch transmission?”

Cars including INFINITI’s 2018 QX30 come with a dual-clutch transmission that’s mated to its motor. With more standard manual setups that include a single-clutch arrangement, the driver depresses the pedal and there is a momentary disconnect with the transmission (and a corresponding jerkiness the can be jarring). Fortunately, dual-clutch transmissions feature two couplings not directly influenced by pedals. It’s a completely electronic system!

So, what are the benefits of such a dual-clutch system? Well, as you can guess, it’s way smoother in operation than a single-clutch manual transmission. However, the separate gear sets also offer greater fuel efficiency. For example, the 2018 INFINITI QX30 receives an average highway MPG of 33.

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Are you considering the 2018 INFINITI QX30? It’s an amazing and luxurious automobile that contains a number of high-end amenities that are sure to impress you. Take, for instance, its electronic stability control. It’s an amazing feature that will keep you safe, and it’s definitely worth having.

Electronic stability control is a computerized technology that improves a vehicle's stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction. This means you will be less likely to skid or slide if you drive over ice, rocks, or debris on the road.

This is different from ABS technology, likely familiar to drivers of older vehicles. Instead, electronic stability adds to its predecessor, using more sensors and enhanced algorithms to provide a smoother, safer experience. Traction control only limits wheel spin, whereas this program can actually maneuver your car.

The 2018 QX30 also includes several other awesome amenities, like Bose 10-speaker premium audio and dual-zone air conditioning. It even has mirror memory, in case you’re planning to share the crossover with someone else in your household.

Is this vehicle something that you feel you’d like to consider? Stop by our Tacoma dealership near Bothell, Washington, today to take a test drive and learn about more of its standout features!

Have you been considering a new INFINITI vehicle? If so, you’re likely looking for a powerful, luxurious, and high-end option that includes all of the comfort and safety amenities you’ve dreamed of. The 2019 INFINITI QX50 might be a wonderful choice for you. These automobiles include multi-zone air conditioning, which is ideal for staying at a prime temperature at all times.

Have you ever wondered how this technology works? Here’s how. In older models that have just one temperature for the whole vehicle, the driver has controls for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Ducts and vents throughout the car would transport the air, cooled or warmed to the chosen temperature, throughout the car. Today, though, the operator and passengers all have a say in how warm or cold they are.

Multiple control units, individual temperature sensors for each area, more ductwork to carry the air throughout the car, and extra vents all work together to make multi-zone air conditioning possible.

This crossover is filled with other amazing features, too. Delay off headlights light your path when you’re coming home late at night. An emergency communication system protects you in case you ever are stranded without a phone during a scary situation. Hurry in to INFINITI of Tacoma in Renton, Washington, today and take a test drive!

Are you considering the new 2019 INFINITI QX50? If so, you may be wondering about some of its many features. There are a lot of high-end standard amenities, as well as some that you’ll need to pick and choose from as add-ons. Take, for instance, limited slip differential. Is this something you want on your next automobile?

Brake-actuated limited slip differential allows two output shafts to rotate at different speeds but limits the difference between them. When it comes to your car, this means that you’re better protected in the event of snow or other conditions involving less vehicle-to-road friction. If one wheel starts to lose control, torque to it is reduced. A feature like this can save you the trouble of an accident in many situations.

This automobile includes a number of other amenities that will protect you and offer the ultimate in convenience. For instance, auto-dimming mirrors make it easy for you to see without any glare after dark. Variable speed intermittent wipers also make it easier to drive when the weather frequently changes.

If these amazing features sound like something you’d love to have in your next vehicle, stop by your local INFINITI of Tacoma dealer in Kent, Washington, today for a test drive of the 2019 QX50!

new 2019 INFINITI QX50 for sale bellevue tacoma washingtonPerformance and safety may appear to be worlds apart but, in some ways, they're a perfect match. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive on the 2019 INFINITI QX50 improves both of these areas simultaneously.

This system adapts to the road conditions as they change, making it particularly useful at this time of year. Wheelspin, throttle position, and vehicle speed are constantly monitored, so it can detect if you're losing grip.

Should any tires break traction, this feature will automatically divert up to 50% of the available power to the front wheels and help you regain control. The system's worth is highlighted when driving over snow and ice, but it also comes into play in the rain.

When you have optimal traction and all-wheel drive isn’t needed, 100% of the model’s power is sent to the rear wheels. This enhances the QX50’s responsiveness and performance when the road conditions are ideal.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive provides you with the right amount of power exactly when it's needed: so you know that you're always getting the most out of your vehicle.

Feel confident in every situation: test drive the 2019 QX50 at INFINITI of Tacoma, Washington today!
The 2019 INFINITI QX80 is one accommodating ride owing to its large size. But with that size must come compromises, right? Surely this machine must struggle with nimbleness and taking corners?

Well, actually, it doesn’t.

The 2019 QX80 moves more like a sedan than an SUV thanks to its Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC). Back in 2010, INFINITI ditched stabilizer bars on the QX56 in favor of this system. The technology operates by first monitoring force and then distributing variable pressure as necessary to the inner or outer suspension on an independent basis. This results in hydraulic fluid rushing to the necessary area whenever there’s a shift in weight as the auto barrels around corners. As a result, the ride is more nuanced and the entire vehicle is more refined.

We should also note that HBMC comes in handy even when you’re not taking corners. We all hate potholes, right? Well, the technology helps mitigate the jarring sensation of hitting one by reducing unwanted vertical motion.

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