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INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife JD Power award
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Fantastic dealer!
From first contact to the end, it was a smooth and awesome experience at Key West Ford. I inquired to the sales rep Kai through AutoTrader the day before about a 2008 Jeep Patriot. Within hours I got a response, and we scheduled a test drive next day. Following day Kai was awesome and texted me his ETA to the dealership, and made sure I was taken care of before I even came in. The test ride was smooth, and I loved the car and price. The finance rep Gurj was also fantastic, worked around some technicalities with the financing and got me on the road in no time. Within a few hours, everything was sealed and I drove home with the Jeep. Thank you Kai, Gurj, and everyone else who took care of me today. I appreciate the transparency, friendliness, and professionalism from everyone.
Great service from Pete & Brian
We bought two used cars, one from Brian and one from Peter. Both took their time to search for the right car and we went with each car on a test drive.
Best dealership
Peter Olson was very helpful with everything took his time to explain and show all. Management team was remarkable. This place is a friendly and amazing place to be. Recommend to everyone that want to have a amazing experience like myself.
2018 Ecosport
Great service from the staff a Key West Ford. I was surprised to pick up vehicle with a fill tank of fuel alot of dealerships don't do this anymore.
Going above and beyond to satisfy
Peter, while on his day off (what salesperson ever has a day off LOL) spent the entire day trying to find the best fit for us in a used vehicle. After shovelling many cars covered in a foot of snow, we realized that Peter was willing to shovel the whole lot if we could find what we were looking for. What really impressed us was not only his knowledge of the vehicles and the new technology but his desire to find us the vehicle best suited to our needs. Peter helped us narrow down the search and test drive suitable vehicles till we found this comfortable and economical vehicle with more options than we asked for. All the staff involved in our search were friendly, courteous and very helpful
Buying a truck from Key West Ford was a positive experience.
Buying our used truck from Key West Ford turned out to be a hassle free experience for my wife and me. The sales person, Jag Dhillon, and the two managers, Ivan Matulik and Michael Nokes, were professional, courteous and friendly. We encountered no high pressure sales tactics. We also were appreciative of the fact that Ivan allowed us to take the truck to our own mechanic for an inspection and appraisal. The vehicle was more than fairly priced and was in excellent mechanical shape. Their detail crew had the 2010 F150 looking like new. We would have no problem recommending Key West Ford to others.
Review of sale service
I had an exceptional experience dealing with the whole team at key west Ford, especially Jag and Nicholas T. They went above and beyond to help us get our new vehicle!! I would recommend to others for sure.
Excellent customer service
Peter was an ideal salesman. He was friendly, helpful and put us under no pressure. We got a great deal on exactly the right car.
excellent customer service
i googled vehicles, found a truck i was interested in and emailed dealer info request. salesman got back to me next day. went for a test drive and told them i love the truck. they washed, fueled, and did the spay bed liner before i was even ready to pick up!! i was very impressed with the efficiency!! a big thanks to Nick who was able to finance, Ivan the manager and Peter the salesman. would def recommend to friends and family looking to buy vehicle. I love my new truck!

INFINITI car lease return program tacoma washington
The INFINITI of Tacoma Difference
Lease Program Testimonials

Satisfaction is our promise - with the INFINITI of Tacoma team striving always to deliver the best in customer support. This is why we’re proud to share testimonials about our exclusive Lease Return Program, which allows drivers to take control of their shopping experiences: earning both cash and convenience.

The response to this program has been tremendous - and we're thrilled to offer Washington unprecedented value. Read testimonials from our customers below or find more here

Vince Robertson

I’ve leased INFINITI cars for 6 years now. I love their vehicles. It’s very comfortable and luxurious to drive. Our experience with the staff at INFINITI of Tacoma has been excellent. Everyone is helpful and friendly, always willing to help with our car needs. They will always have our business.

Sarah Clark

I must say that I have always dreaded buying a car because I don’t like to spend my entire day at a dealership haggling over a price, waiting on finance, filling out paperwork etc. I must say that INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife has made the car buying process so easy. I recently purchased my second car from this dealership and was amazed at the fair pricing, efficiency and overall ease during all aspects of the transaction. I was able to handle most of the transaction via phone and email. Once the terms were agreeable by both parties I had an appointment to sign the paperwork and pick up my new car. The customer service was above and beyond my expectations – I even received money back as profit sharing from my old car that I returned to them.

Jeffrey Taylor

Easiest 200.00 ever! Already had our car inspected, so we only had to drop it off. Recommend.

Mary Williams

live in Everett and heard about this. The only issue was getting a ride back home. They had my 200.00 ready for me when I arrived. Did some paperwork and then they drove me all the way back to Everett. What great service! Highly recommend!

Marjorie Clouse

Heard their radio ad and inquired. We got $200.00 for just dropping it off at their location. They called us three days later and told us that they did buy our QX50 back from INFINITI so, hopefully, more $ will be headed our way. Cannot recommend enough. First class operation and people

Matthew Hargrove

Absolute no brainer. $200 free as advertised. They obviously want to buy cars. If not, they wouldn’t pay 200.00. When I called to verify, they told me that they offer this because they want an opportunity to buy cars. Makes perfect sense.

Susan Armstrong

By merely returning our expired INFINITI lease there, we got $200 and another $848.00 after they sold our old Q-50. That was definitely worth driving an extra 30 minutes from Bellevue to drop off our car. 20 minute process and they didn’t try to push us into anything while we were there. Top notch staff. Recommend.

Kirsten Gamble

What a great program! I had no idea that I could get paid to trade in my lease! Such an easy experience and will definitely influence where I get my next vehicle.

Marie K.

Great deal, Great people, Great concept.

Frank G.

I have leased many cars over the years but I have never had a dealer pay me to drop off my car, not to mention sharing the profit with me on any of the cars of mine that they're-sold. Kudos to INFINITI of Tacoma for such an ingenious program.

Jimmy K.

They just don’t do this on lease cars. They also offer this service if you trade in a car or just want to sell them your old car. It is a very cool concept and one that I have never heard of.

Randy A.

Being a business owner myself I can really appreciate the concept here. Anytime that you can find a way to attract new customers and of course retain your current customers by offering them something that absolutely no one else offers is very smart. Passing on $ to your customers instead of outside companies makes total sense.

Theresa A.

What a no brainer idea! I wouldn’t be surprised if other dealers follow INFINITIof Tacoma’s lead. Thanks Mark and all the INFINITI of Tacoma staff for making it easy and fun!

Robert L.

You have to drop off your lease somewhere. So you may as well get something in return.

Shannon W.

Check it out for yourself. It’s a win win. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Johnson Family

We just received our shares check from INFINITI of Tacoma: over 1200.00 plus the 200.00 they gave us for dropping off our car there when our Q50 lease was up. My husband and I were a little skeptical about the shares at first. But, for 200.00 just to drop off the Q50 there instead of the dealer we leased it from, was worth the drive to Fife. Then when we heard that they did secure our old Q50 from INFINITI financial and that they re-sold the car and a check was on its way for 1237.00. We were floored. It couldn’t have been a smoother process. Joey and Chris made it simple. We have told all of our friends about their Shares Program. Thanks again!

Carrie Cunningham

At first I thought that the $200.00 was just a ploy to get people in the door to really push into a new or used car, and that there would be some kind of catch for the money. But, after reading the reviews, I decided to make the drive from north Seattle to Tacoma. They made it simple and I did receive my check for $200.00 a couple of days later. BTW I did lease another INFINITI from Ariel at INFINITI of Tacoma. Best auto experience EVER!

Michael Honeycutt

This is the real deal folks! They have come up with a fantastic program here. I am happy to announce that they did re-sell my old car and sent me another check for 986.00. So driving from Monroe to Fife gave me another $1186.00 that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Kudos to the INFINITI of Tacoma staff.

Paula Kingman-Forbes

I never thought about shopping around when any of my previous leases were up. I always just dropped it off at the dealer where I leased it from. This is my 2nd INFINITI lease and, since I live up north, Fife was not a place that I would normally consider dropping off my old car; but, after hearing about this, I gladly drove the extra 25 miles for $200.00 and a chance for more. I have and will continue to recommended INFINITI of Tacoma.

Linda and John Cooper

We leased our last INFINITI in Dallas TX. So, when our lease was coming due ,we started to shop around for our next INFINITI. We saw that INFINITI of Tacoma pays $200 to customers who drop off their expired lease with them. So we drove down there and dropped it off. We were so impressed that we decided to lease another INFINITI from them instead of our local dealer. My husband and I were very impressed with their laid back approach. We highly recommend INFINITI of Tacoma.

Robert M.

Why wouldn’t you do this? $100 just to drop it off with a chance to get even more of your money back. It’s a no brainer!!

O.R. Reeves

It would have been closer to drop it off at the local dealer, but for $100 and a chance of getting even more $ after the fact made it very easy to spend another 30 minutes driving to Tacoma.

Kathy and Jim K.

We leased our INFINITI at another dealer and were unaware of all the options that we had to drop off when our lease was up. We assumed that we had to return it to the original dealer that leased us the car. We love the INFINITI product and were looking to lease another. When we were comparing prices and specials online we went to the INFINITI dealer in Tacoma’s website. We noticed that they had a lease return section on their website. It not only explained that we could drop off our current lease at any INFINITI Dealer. But we did notice that INFINITI of Tacoma would give us 100.00 for just dropping it off there, and if they were to purchase our old car it would then be enrolled in their Shares program. So we dropped off our old INFINITI and leased another one. Joe Corrado the General sales manager was wonderful and we had the absolute best experience. Absolutely Zero pressure from beginning to end. We have already recommend INFINITI of Tacoma and their shares program. Thank you again for making it easy and enjoyable.

Sherry W.

Seamless process. I made an appointment. I dropped it off, did the paperwork and they drove me back home. Then they sent me a check for 100.00. Hopefully they will win the bid on my old INFINITI. Thanks INFINITI of Tacoma.

Denise F.

$100 for just dropping it off, and a ride home. With a chance for even more $ down the road. What’s there to think about!

Maureen M.

Like many people I was skeptical at first. I was very concerned that they would really try and push me into leasing another car when I was there. I told them when I made the appointment that I didn’t need another car. My company provides me one now. But that wasn’t the case at all. They understood my needs and didn’t try to sell me another car. And of course they did send me my 100.00 shortly thereafter. First class people and establishment.

Kathy and Brett H.

We live in Everett so it was a longer drive to drop off than we wanted to make, but it was worth it. Quick and easy process we were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. Received our 100.00 check the following week. Then we were notified that they did end up purchasing our old INFINITI And 5 weeks later we got another check for 832.00. Thanks again Joe and everyone at INFINITI of Tacoma.

Jim and Lavonne F.

We have purchased and leased many cars over the years and this is the first time that we have ever received any $ back when one of our old cars was re-sold… We were both SHOCKED! when a check arrived for over 1,000.00, not to mention the 100.00 that we already received for dropping it off there.

Ruth and Fred F.

I hardly ever leave reviews. Not because I haven’t received good service before, it just isn’t something I usually do. But I have to be honest this was by far the best experience that my wife and I have ever had at an auto dealership. And the shares program really paid off for us. We dropped off are INFINITI lease and like everyone else that has left a review received our 100.00 check later that week. They did in fact purchase from Infiniti financial our old car, and sure enough we got another check for over 1600.00 We couldn’t believe it when we received the $. We both looked at each other and said WOW! at the same time. Thanks for the extra holiday cash INFINITI of Tacoma.

Karen G.

I was very skeptical at first, I was concerned that the only reason for the 100.00 was to try and sell me another car. Kind of like going to a time-share presentation where they give you a free gift and make you go through some sales pitch. But it wasn’t like that at all in fact quite the opposite. They did the paperwork in a timely fashion. They were very nice and not at all pushy. I would recommend INFINITI of Tacoma to anyone.

William B.

Getting $100 for something that I had to take care of anyway wasn’t a very difficult decision. Plus I didn’t even know about the shares program until I arrived there and did the paperwork. So I dropped off my car and then got the $100 in the mail, and less than a month later I got another $1234.00 check. I never really thought that I would get another check back so when the 1234.00 check arrived I was BLOWN AWAY! Thank you again.

Betty and Dick G.

We made an appointment and dropped it off. They didn’t try to push us into anything like other dealers that we have dealt with in the past. However we were so impressed that we did end up leasing our next INFINITI from them. We received our 100.00 from them promptly and they did in fact win the bid on our old INFINITI. And sure enough we received another check for over 1187.00. I can’t tell you how impressed we were with everyone there. We would definitely recommend INFINITI of Tacoma and their shares program.

Tim M.

Dropped off my car, they drove me home, they sent me 100.00. So easy.

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